Book Review

The Lost Queen

Born in Magic

Born in Magic

Basia Pike

The Fae Queen #1

Young Adult | Paranormal Romance | Fantasy

Robin always knew she was different, but she never could have imagined she wasn’t human.

On the eve of Robin’s eighteenth birthday, a man breaks into her home. First time she’s alone at home with a guy, and he is certifiably insane. He tells her she is a fae princess from the kingdom of Taidel, and she doesn’t believe him.

Until he proves magic exists, and her entire world crumbles around her. He presents her with a choice; Leave everyone and everything she knows behind, or let the fae die at the hands of the evil and darkness that has taken control of their lands.

They must head into the dangerous lands of Taidel where enemies lurk around every corner. To make matters worse, Robin’s feelings for Holden begin to surface, but she’s already betrothed to a fae prince she’s never met.

Fans of Julie Kagawa and Holly Black won’t be able to resist Born in Magic, the first installment of The Fae Queen Series, a new urban fantasy romance.


Note: I received this book from the author and I voluntarily give this review, it is my honest opinion.

Born in Magic is the first book in the Fae Queen series by Basia Pike. The story follows Robin who doesn’t really fit in anywhere and on her eighteenth birthday finds out that she is fae and the truth about her past. Holden has come to take her back to Taidel, the fairy kingdom that she was born because the kingdom has been taken over by the Unseelie and they need Robin to help defeat the evil. Robin is not prepared for the world she is from and she is going to have to face a lot if she has any hope of defeating the Unseelie.

The story piqued my interest because the story centers on the fae, however after reading it I realized it’s a little different from how I thought it would be. Robin is not how I thought she would be. Robin is stubborn, indecisive, a bit of a crier, hot-tempered and has a slightly less foul-mouth than I do.

Robin was an okay character but certain things bothered me. She was very wish-washy, she would think about the consequences of things and then later completely ignore them, she get mad (and rightfully so) then apologize and she doesn’t realize the scope of the situation until it’s to late. But she doesn’t runaway from the truly horrible things and she does care about people.

This is a paranormal romance so enter the love interest, Holden, the stoic determined guardian that escorts her back to Taidel. Holden (love that name) is one of those love interests that had to grow on me. Holden was a bit deceitful, rude, angry and at times lacked patience. The connection between Holden and Robin is there but they have to work on better communication. I understand it’s because of the situation in Taidel but still his attitude could have been better. While my opinion of him has gotten better he is still not on my book-boyfriend list.

The general idea of the story was good but I had problems where parts of the story got boring and I felt some of the pages were filler. There was a lot of repeating and the characters left me frustrated (and not in a good way) at times. Be that as it may, I do like the story and by the end I was really excited about it again. I met a new character who has great promise and I would love to get to know more about.

Born in Magic is a nice start to the story and I am interested to see what will happen in the next book. My favorite part of the story was the elemental magic and I am looking forward to more of that in the next book.


3 stars






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