Book Review

Things Are Changing

Silver Flame

Silver Flame

by Karpov Kinrade

Vampire Girl #4

New Adult Fantasy

In the USA TODAY bestselling series, Vampire Girl, Karpov Kinrade took the world by storm. Now, the saga continues in book 3, Silver Flame.

I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until I sold my soul to save my mother. Now, I am trapped between two worlds. Between the vampire demons who own my contract, and the Fae whose bloodline flows in me. Between the prince I’m falling in love with, and the race his kind has enslaved.


The Vampire Girl series is just so good and Silver Flame did not disappoint. This world is beautiful but it’s also dark, gritty and full of dangers. This is the third book so if you have read the first and second books you know how good this series is and don’t really need a review so I am just going to do a slight skim of the book.
The plot continues with Ari trying to save not just the fae but everyone and bring peace to the world but she is so desperate to do so that she does reckless things and doesn’t see the dangers that are staring her right in the face. She is so good but she is starting to realize that there may also be something else deep within her and she is struggling to learn. I love the fact that she doesn’t give up and always tries. She doesn’t see her self as a princess but as someone who has the power to change things. She is really one of the most decent characters that I have ever read.
Inferno/Avakiri is in such turmoil the princes are fighting and it’s pretty much all out war and the things that are happening to the fae and shade are horrible. The story is moving along great with surprises from characters that I didn’t expect, some of the events that occurred was an all out shock and the revelations at the end of Silver Flame have me dying to read the final book, Moonlight Prince.
This is all am can say without revealing the huge surprises in the book and spoiling it just trust me read this book, read the series.
Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Checkout my review of the previous book in the series, Midnight Star.



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