Book Review

A Supercharge Supernatural Tale

The Crimson Throne

The Crimson Throne

by Christi Stallard

YA/ Upper YA

Nearly a decade ago, the supernatural creatures hidden in the shadows conquered the world with unspeakable power. The mass takeover became known as the great fall of civilization and the most devastating event in recorded history. 18-year-old Sadie Carlisle has never seen past the walls of Section 18. After a city siege forces Sadie into a fight for survival, an unlikely ally turns her life into a thrilling and terrifying whirlwind. Peter is the ultimate drug; exciting, addictive, and highly dangerous. The war raging between dark creatures threatens everything they’ve discovered in one another. Loyalties are tested, and the fate of humanity rests in the balance. How far would you go for the one you love most?


Note: *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*
The Crimson Throne was so good! I normally don’t read dystopian books, I want an escape when I read so why would I read something that has a world that has already gone to complete shit. However there are a few exceptions and this is one of them. The Crimson Throne is a supernatural dystopian which, besides the synopsis, is a reason I decided to read it.
Every kind of supernatural creature is either in this book or mentioned in this book and I loved it. Most books just mention the type of supernatural character because that character appears. Christi not only mentions it but does a little explaining (without info dumping) and she mentions other supernatural characters that’s not shown. This is a supernatural world after all so why would there only be mention or shown of two or three types.
Sadie is the protagonist and I love her. Sadie has been through so much and will go through a lot more in this book but she is strong not only mentally (because the girl is smart) but emotionally and she has a great personality. She is genuinely a kind person, she cares so much about people and is willing to risk herself to do the right thing. She knows when she is doing something that isn’t the smartest thing to do but she does it anyway because it was still the right thing to do. She considers all her options and thinks over things and not just jump in head first but she isn’t boring because she is a take action kind of character who doesn’t really take shit. Sadie has become a stronger person in the supernatural world.
This book is a dystopian with some romance and reader get introduced to Peter Grayson. Peter come in pretty early in the book so hopeful this isn’t to much of a spoiler but I love him so much I had to mention him. He is….. First off he is a dragon, that’s right I said dragon. A hot as hell dragon that has dual sides of him. The strong fierce leader of the group who will do what he as to do a sort of bad boy side and the ultimate good guy who cares about everything and feel things deeply even though he doesn’t show it. Also his looks with those smoldering gray eyes, I know, I loved him the moment Christi describe him. Sadie and Peter are great together, they know each other so well and seem so at peace with one another like that always belong together and I love that.
This book doesn’t have some of the usual aspects and that shocked me. I really wish I could go into detail about what I mean but if I do I will give away spoilers and that is not going to happen. I think it’s best if you read this book by not knowing too much about what is going on in the story and the way the story goes really anything could happen.
The Crimson Throne had everything I love but with a little twist like the girl saves herself. There was action, steamy romance, growing relationships, danger, betrayal, multiple supernatural creatures, surprises and so much more. I loved it so much and with an ending like that I am pretty sure that this is meant to be the first book in a series. If it’s not then I am going to be crushed because I need more of this story.
OVERALL 4.5 stars

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