Book Haul

Late Posting

My birthday was a while back and I did a big book haul as a birthday present to myself. It took time to figure out what books to get and I always delay the purchase until at least a month after my birthday but for some reason this time it took me a little longer and I never posted the haul.

book pic 3


These are the books I got for my b-day haul, most are sequels to series I own but there are a few first books in the series in here. Also I got a couple of series enders, The Queen  is the last book in the Fae trilogy by CJ Abedi (they changed the final cover on me 😢) and the Nettle King is the final book in the Night and Nothing trilogy. Finally you can easily see some fairytale retellings in the pile, I mean it’s fairytales, I sorta had to.

Birthday and Christmas are my biggest book hauls. Mostly because they are not only books that I buy myself but books my family gets me. I have finally told them that it is useless to get me anything else, well everyone but my mother. She gives some books but something else as well, just because she can’t give me just books. I still have a couple of gift cards leftover so I will be posting a couple more good-sized book hauls but not like this.


book pic 1



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