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The Beginning Or the End

All You Desire

All You Desire (Eternal Ones #2) by Kirsten Miller

Haven Moore fled to Rome a year ago, leaving behind the Ouroboros Society and its diabolical leader, Adam Rosier. Now she’s back in New York City with her beloved Iain. But Iain’s supposed to be dead. And if they blow his cover, Adam won’t give them any second chances.

Meanwhile, Beau Decker is missing. His life rests in Haven’s hands. The Horae, a group of mystical sisters, hold the key to Beau’s fate. They want to lock Adam away forever, and Haven is his only weakness. To save Beau, Haven must seduce Adam and lure him into the Horae’s lair.

But Adam Rosier has always had a funny way of seducing her. And the closer Haven gets to her enemy, the more she succumbs to his spell. Beau’s life hangs in the balance – but this time, Haven can’t even trust herself. Every decision she makes will shape her destiny.

How far will she go for the people she loves?

All You Desire is the second book in the Eternal Ones duology by Kirsten Miller. This series is an Hades and Persephone retelling and it was fabulous. Adam is back but he may not be the same man Haven thinks he is.

Once again we find Haven and Iain mixed up in a sinister plot that centers around both of them and Adam. Beau has been taken and it’s up to Haven to figure out who has taken him. Haven is a bit stronger in this book but she is also still very much herself. Haven is very human, she is flawed character. Have has a temper, an jealous streak and she rushes into things without thinking them through. The flip side to that is she loves with all her heart, she would do anything for the people she loves, she is trusting (sometimes to a fault) and she tries to be better.

Iain and Haven are also the most realistic couple every. Iain is a sweetheart but he has his flaws like not listening to anyone, he’s a little reckless and sometimes he can’t see beyond Haven. They both have different opinions about things but neither is really willing listen to the other’s advice or go for their plan. They always seem to be on two different roads leading to the same place. However I love them together, they love each other so completely that they manage to work things out between each other almost no matter what.

Okay, when I read I get really invested in the story and the characters, since this is the second book and I already know most of the players you can imagine I was already in deep with this book. Let me tell you, I had the shock of my life during this book. Adam, that’s right the evil asshole from the first book is back and somehow I ended-up having a whole bunch of mixed emotions about him, one of them was sadness. This book is as much about him now as it was about Haven and I can’t believe how my feelings for him have changed. I not saying I love the guy but my feelings are complex and that is where I will leave it because if I explain there will be spoilers.

All You Desire was a fantastic story with pretty great characters, there was evil plots, sinister people, plot twists, an unbelievable romance, past lives and old enemies. This story kept me on my toes and gave me a whole lot of feelings. My only wish is that I could have had one more book in the series, I’m greedy like that.

Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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