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Here Be The Angels

Instruments of the Angels

Instruments of the Angels (Waters Dark & Deep #1) by Monica Leonelle

Brie van Rossum is still recovering from her mother’s death when she discovers that she is a Hallow, a descendant of humans and archangels.

But she’s not just any Hallow. She’s one of the last daughters of Michael—like Milena, her mother. And now, she doesn’t know which of her new supernatural acquaintances she can trust.

As she pulls back the veil on the supernatural world, she learns that not only has she inherited Milena’s powers, but her enemies as well—and now that Milena’s protection has worn off, those enemies are headed toward her to wipe out the daughters of Michael for good.

Untrained and unsure of herself, she must navigate her mother’s omissions and half-truths to keep her identity secret, unite her allies, and most importantly, stay alive.

A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… Instruments of the Angels is the first book in Waters Dark and Deep, a young adult urban fantasy series by Monica Leonelle.


*Note: I received an ARC of this book.

Instruments of the Angels is the first in a new series by Monica Leonelle. This series has a complex background and I am try my best to explain it. In this world there are hallows which are people who are descendants of humans and arcangels. They protect the world from arcdemons/nephilim who are human and demon descendants. There is trouble within the hallow system, there are two groups vying for power. Group one is the old ways, their blood isn’t mixed with any other angels, they only have arcangel Micheal’s blood and were consider royalty. They are called the daughters of Micheal, they are the strongest of the hallows but they were over thrown by the new order (Vega) and most were killed.

The story is told from three point-of-views, Brie, her brother Pilot, and Thessa and experienced hollow with debts to be paid.

Brie is the main character in this and she is a survivor. Her mother just died and she and her brother Pilot have just been shipped off to live in Hawaii. Then Brie finds out her mother has been keeping these huge secrets and that she herself is a supernatural being, a hallow. She doesn’t like to complain to people so she doesn’t let people really know how much she hurting and she tries to protect her brother from everything. Brie takes in all the information given to her and tries to think through things herself instead just handing her problems over to people. She already had to deal with a lot of things before she found out she’s a hollow but now she has to deal with people from both sides wanting her dead. Brie is new to the supernatural world and a little unsure so I can’t wait to see Brie develop more in the second book.

I don’t want to give anything away when it comes to Pilot because I think he is a wild card. He is the protective older brother who has some problems in life but wants to do better than he was doing because he is the only person that Brie has left. However that not the only thing going on with Pilot, he is having dreams that don’t seem to be dreams at all and they aren’t premonitions because they seem to be glimpses into the past. There is a lot more stuff going on with him than it seems and I hope that in the second book we get to find out what the deal is with Pilot.

Then their is Rykken, Pilot’s best friend. He seems a little mysterious and has some sort of connection with Brie and I can’t wait to see if he is a part of the supernatural world (if so what is he?). Then I would love to see what happens between him and Brie, I have a love connection feeling happening but they both seem to deny it.

I wish I could have seen a little more from Clara and Cora, twins that Brie makes friends with and that are also hallows. Clara and Cora have unique powers and they are sort of on the run too. Clara has a harsh personality while Cora is softer and I wonder could their powers contribute to their personalities a little, Clara remembers everything while Cora has the power of empathy.

The plot of the story was good, it keep me interested and the story kept moving forward. I want to know what happens to Brie next, does Pilot have a part in this, who is Rykken and what is Brie’s part in this war. The story does remind me of something but I can’t remember what. The writing was good and I liked the characters, even Clara.

Instruments of the Angels has angel descendants, hunters, nephilim, action, insane leaders, supernatural powers and a mystery that seems to be rapped in a riddle. Most definitely reading the the next book in the series Hunters of the Mortals.


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