Book Review

Fae: Beast, Creature, Lethal


Shattered Blue (Light Trilogy #1) by Lauren Horowitz

For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly. From the start, sixteen-year-old Noa senses that the mysterious transfer student to her Monterey boarding school is different. Callum unnerves and intrigues her, and even as she struggles through family tragedy, she’s irresistibly drawn to him. Soon they are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own.

But in Noa’s world, Callum needs a special human energy, Light, to survive; his body steals it through touch—or a kiss. And Callum’s not the only Fae on the hunt. When Callum is taken, Noa must decide: Will she sacrifice everything to save him? Even if it means learning their love may not be what she thought?



Shattered Blue s a wondrously magical, heartbreaking tale. When I say it was magical, I don’t mean all the magic/fae stuff that goes on in the book, I mean the writing is so different and strange but in a good way. This is a ghostly tale that is romantic and eerie with bits of these beautiful poems tucked in. Even if you don’t get poems you can’t help but see the beauty in these.

Noa is the protagonist in this story and she is unlike any other. She has to deal with the recent death of her sister, Isla, that she was extremely close to and looks eeriely like (ghost twins). Her parents are taking it hard and her mother is drifting, unable to function. Noa holds herself togather and tries to take care of her mom and little sister, Sasha. Noa is strong, she cares for her little sister with a fierceness and she writes her life in poems. Notebooks upon notebooks of this poetry.

Then there was Callum and Judah, brothers, fae, ghost-twins (look so much alike they could be twins). They show up in Noa’s life and things for her will never be the same after that. Callum has his flaws, he is not the quintessential good guy just like his brother isn’t the quintessential bad boy. The brothers are the same but different, in how they look, how they act to how they feel. It’s interesting to see two characters like them in the same book and be so close. I perspective of both change through out the book.

The writing, as a said before is something that dragged me in. Shattered takes place in our world but then you get glimpse from this other world and Lauren did a great job describing that world with out over powering the story. As for the plot it was unique with unexpected twist that captivated me. Normally I am slow reader but I devoured this book, I actually had to pace my self because I wasn’t read for the the story to end so soon.

Shattered Blue was a fantastic read with great plot, characters you can’t help but love (Sasha) and a heartbreaking ending (I was balling at the end). Next up in the series is Renegade Red and I can’t wait.

Overall 5 stars

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