Book Review

A Modern Fairytale or Romanctic Comedy


Oblivious (Four Kingdoms Saga #1) by Bri Amari

A secret for Mo, that nobody knows.
Duty for Fenix, how it grows and grows.
Magic and power, Kingdoms torn apart.
Myths and and Monsters and trials of the heart.
Cat-shifters, Fae, and Merpeople, oh my!
There are humans and Dragons and Incubi that fly.
The death of a mom, and a night gone wrong.
Caught in the cross-hairs, where does she belong?

Take a peek into a new magical world as you follow the discoveries and obstacles twenty-nine year old Mo, our feisty, and complex leading lady, finds as she is thrust into a new life. A life with rules she cannot wait to break and expectations she immediately ignores. A life of love, loss and betrayal. A life she never wanted.


I know that people say I am tired of troupes but the truth everything, every situation has been written (I mean human written existence has been long) and the only thing that writers can do now is put their own spin on the story and us as reader be grateful for the stories they give us.

Oblivious is about a woman named Mo who knows she was adopted by loving parents but finds out she is really a big part of a magical kingdom. Mo is funny, sassy, caring and creative. Mo and her best friend Jazz own a store where they make their own goods. They are really close with each other, they are everything you think of when you think of best friends and I love them together. One night Mo gets abducted and that is where everything begins.

I loved this story, it drew me in and I couldn’t wait to pick the book back up again. The world, the characters and story was really interesting, at times I found myself laughing out loud. The only problem I had was that a really big event happened near the end of the book and it was just kinda glossed over and not resolved. I think an extra chapter could have been written in order for everyone to come to some kind of resolve. Also those names, I know I was pronouncing them correctly and that was kinda irritating but that is what writers do, they give us unpronounceable.

Oblivious was magical and funny, with family and friends, fights and friendship. I wasn’t even half-way finished with Oblivious when the next book in the series, Opalescent, came up for pre-order on Amazon and I clicked the buy button. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Overall 5 stars



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