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This Way Comes


Something Wicked by T.R. Kester

You guys I got my first author request to review. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I hope I did a decent job in my review.

Born into Power, they become what the darkness fears!

Three brothers are born into a line of witches that extends back to Salem, Massachusetts and beyond that to Ancient Egypt. But being a witch in a mortal world does not come without consequence and there is always the deadly risk of exposure.

The beautiful contemporary and gothic sprawling metropolis of Treadwell Deane County is a place of mystical energy and power, and it’s mortal inhabitants are ignorant of their supernatural neighbours. Aaron, Noah and Perry Pogue, along with Pilar and her Romani Coven are Treadwell’s guardians, fighting for the forces of evil against Rafaela, the sinister Avatarian Demigoddess.

When the Pogue brothers’ power is compromised and they struggle to put their differences aside, the city’s last line of defence rest with Pilar and the Romani Triad – whose congregation is not without its own machiavellian problems.

Note: I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Also this is an adult book.

Something Wicked is the first book by T.R. (Troy) Kester and I believe that he is an self-published author. The story revolves around two strong magical families the Pogues and the Romani, the Pogues are witches while the Romani are a witch/gypsie hybrid. They protect the world from evil magical beings and their main location is in the fictional town of Treadwell, Deane County. Treadwell is a magic haven and there is something else special about it and your gonna have to read to find out.

You guys I really liked this book, it is chock-filled with the supernatural. Also let it be know that I am a bit of a geek. I love all the geeky stuff like Star Wars (original trilogy), Harry Potter, anime, manga, Star Trek (new stuff), comics and graphic novels (because they are two different things), magic and so much more. I am also a big fan of action movies so imagine my delight that this book has so many battle scenes.

I really enjoyed the story so much and I hated to give Something Wicked the rating 3.75 stars.  Unfortunately I had to give it a lower rating because I had some issues with this book. Some of the facts about the characters got mixed up and there was repeating in parts where I feel it was unneeded. The main work was goo it’s just that the writing needs to be fine tuned and it needs editing a little more. I know that Troy will improve and I am looking forward to that.

I love that Something Wicked reminded me of Charmed (American TV series about witches) and had all of these pop-culture references, stuff I actually knew. The characters were multilingual and Troy put the word mean in the paragraph, loved that.  There were so many supernatural creatures mentioned  and the different levels of witches and demons. The huge family trees of these two clans was amazing and I wish Troy would put it in the book because you wouldn’t believe who is related to who.

Overall 3.75 stars – I really liked it!

Something Wicked had magic, family issues, betrayal, magical powers, loads of supernaturals, other realms, kidnappings, Buffy references and other pop-culture, “romance”, evil plots, high level fighting skills, flashbacks, assassins and so much more. This book was like an tribute to the stuff I love.  Something Wicked ended on a cliff-hanger, so many things were left unfinished and the questions I have need to be answered. I look forward to the next book in this series is Something Secret.


7 thoughts on “This Way Comes

    1. Hi Troy, I checked out your website right after I finished the book, I had to know how many more books were going to come out or if you had any extra information. I thought that the family trees would be good in the book so readers can go back and forth to see who is related to who. I was trying to keep everything strait in my head and I was shocked to see who was related.


      1. Hi Rachel!
        I 100% agree with you about the family trees being in the back of the book or front. Perhaps if a big publishing house picks me up i can talk to them about it. The character insert was left out by accident, hence the print out that i slipped inside for you. But you have given me an idea that perhaps i can do the same again, do a print out and slip it inside the book too.
        Merry Christmas!

        P.s what is your facebook page?


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